Despite our technological advancement, we still suffer from data loss. Are you wondering why? Well, this happens due to physical and logical failure. To help you understand why data loss happens, we have provided below the reasons why it occurs. Call to recover any lost data!

  • Hardware Failures – One of the most common reasons why we lose crucial information is due to the hardware or physical failure of our devices. This happens when components of the computer system such as Computer memory (RAM), Motherboard, Processor (CPU), Power supply (PSU), or Hard Disk Drive (HDD) / Solid State Drive (SSD) fails. But overall, data loss happens when the disk storage that physically stores the data breakdown. So, as soon as you detect an HDD or SSD take action immediately to avoid data loss.
  • Human Errors – Another reason why data loss happens is because of human errors or mistakes by the users/operators. This usually happens due to either lack of experience or inattentiveness.
  • Accidental deletion of important files – This case happens when you share computers or files with other users. So, to prevent this from happening, encrypt your files or make it hidden to keep it away from unauthorized users.
  • Disk partition formatting without a backup copy – Computers physically stores data on hard disk drives, so if you accidentally format your HDD without creating a backup copy of all your important files expect a data loss. Disk partition formatting usually happens when you reinstall an operating system on the partition that stores your files. So, before you reinstall an OS, always select the right partition and backup your files.
  • Overwriting of file contents – Data loss may also happen when you overwrite file contents using any file editor. Once you hit the “Save” button, new contents are written over the former ones. And unfortunately, this case cannot be handled by any data recovery software in case you need the previous version of your file. And the only thing you can do about it is to recreate the file again from scratch.
  • Software crashes – When the software malfunctions, there’s a chance of data loss and corruption. This may happen when an error happens during the process of backing up files. The file copies may appear to have failed to be created while the files have already been deleted.
  • Antivirus software – Another reason for data loss is the antivirus software. For some cases, an antivirus program may consider a good file as a malware and delete them. So, always check what your antivirus deletes.
  • Computer viruses – A computer virus intrudes on the computer system with the aim to modify the way it operates. That’s why viruses can damage or delete any data on your computer without your consent. So, better install an antivirus to protect your files away from these viruses.


There are different factors and reasons why we lose important files. And to prevent this from happening, the best thing you can do is to always backup your files and encrypt them. You can do this by using different storage devices and option such as online storage. Do not wait for a data loss to happen before you take action, instead make a move now and call data recovery Dallas! Check out our amazing tile services too at Calgary Tile Installer!

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